Letter to The Finisher

Dear Finisher, you’ve never come.

My lifelong projects are undone.

I’ve sat and watched. I’ve hoped and waited.

I’m sure each work that I’ve created

dreams they’ll one day be complete,

fantasizes that you’ll meet.

Piles of papers, bundles of yarn,

mountains of stockings that someone should darn,

half written plays and a near finished book,

songs that are missing just one verse or hook,

organized closets, at least on one side,

countless new projects I’ve randomly tried,

needles for knitting and books of crochet,

I work for a while then put them away;

begging and praying, oh Finisher, come

pleading, imploring please gets these jobs done!

I want to believe that you truly exist,

you’re more than some name from a fairy tale list.

I wonder if stories I’ve heard about you

are even the tiniest, smallest bit true.

I know many others who you seem to know.

They start up a task and you faithfully show.

No unfinished business is found in their houses.

You finish their projects and iron their blouses,

but something I said or else something I did

has made you elude me since I was a kid.

I’m sure you’d enjoy all the things I’ve begun.

You might even find that this mission is fun.

So please don’t forget me. I’m waiting for you,

along with the projects I’ve left you to do.

Yes, Finisher please come and finish my work.

It’s your job to finish the things that I shirk.

We both know that I am not up to the task.

If it weren’t your duty, I never would ask.

But it’d be a shame, at the end of my time,

If you never showed up. In fact, It’d be a crime.

Things that are started MUST come to a close.

That’s why you are needed, most everyone knows.

It’s really a matter of doing what’s right.

If you don’t come finish, then someone else might.

But more likely still, is that I’ll do your part.

What nonsense! ME!? finish a thing that I start!


A Work in Progress


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