Take the Hand

How do I even begin? Tomorrow will mark another historic day. A new president will be elected to take the controls at the white house. No matter the outcome, many will cheer as though some great victory has been won. Others will boo and curse and threaten to move to Canada. Some may ACTUALLY move to Canada. New conspiracy theories will undoubtedly be born, new hostilities will certainly be discovered, and the chasm of division will grow deeper and wider and darker between opposing sides. Many Americans will feel a sense of defeat and hopelessness regardless of the outcome. We’ll ask ourselves, “How did we get here?” Then, like a child being questioned about who ate the last cookie from the cookie jar, we’ll blame Susie or Tommy or Judy or Johnny. We’ll blame the media. We’ll blame the OTHER person, the OTHER party, the PREVIOUS president, the CURRENT president, anyone but ourselves. Surely it is not our fault that this great nation is facing such turmoil and uncertainty.

We fear terrorists and guns, bigots and religion, and our political nemeses. We throw giant rocks at one another, forgetting that America is a glass house, and the whole world watches our civil wars. We believe that we can continue to cast stones and forget the foundations that our country was built upon and somehow America will never shatter. We believe that we can continue to do as we like and live how we please, with no repercussions. We scream our freedom war cry like a young toddler just learning to walk, swinging our independent arm when Daddy reaches out his hand to help us. We don’t need help! We can do it ourselves! And then we scream again just so he KNOWS we don’t need him. We clomp around in big shoes and do what Daddy has told us time and time again we cannot do, and yet we think that somehow our actions will not result in consequence. We race into the street chasing our ball… our ideals, obliviously. We don’t bother to look both ways. We don’t even bother to look one way. Somehow we feel that the natural fallout of running into the street absentmindedly does not apply to us. Somehow we feel that our “cause” will bring no effect. We won’t be flattened by the oncoming bus because we don’t want to be flattened by it.

Where oh where has my America gone? We don’t want to hear truth. We don’t want to be subject to anyone’s rules but our own. We don’t want to believe Newton’s third law of motion which tells us that “what goes up must come down.” What rises must fall, even if it’s a nation as independent as we claim to be. Many great nations before us have lived through shorter life cycles than we have. We are not in some advanced age of enlightenment where equality rules and bigotry has died. Many have come down this path before us. It does not lead where we think it leads. We have turned our backs on the One who is bigger than our ideals, bigger than our mission statements, bigger than our political drivel. We have decided that Father does not know best. We know best! Somehow WE are the people with all the answers. We are the nation that will not fall prey to the predator that we ourselves have created. We cannot go on like this. We cannot turn our backs on the One who blessed us with this country, turn up our noses to his standard of morality and thrive as a nation. I don’t pretend to know what will happen or when it will happen, but rest assured SOMETHING will happen.

America cannot continue to play dress up, and pretend to be the independent woman walking around in Mommy’s high heels and floppy hat. We have not outgrown our need for Biblical truth and spiritual guidance. We have not arrived at a place that other failed great nations before us have not already been to. They HAVE been there! They have risen and they have fallen, and someday, if things do not change, new societies will speak the same of us. We will be the once great nation that they read about in history books, the nation they study in an attempt to learn from our mistakes. If only we would look back and learn from the nations who have gone on before us. If only we would look forward and see where we are headed if we continue on this path. If only we would look up and see Daddy looking down on us with his arms outstretched and his hand held open, ready for us to reach up and grab it. Let’s not respond like the child who sees the hand and turns away to do it themselves, while Mommy and Daddy look on with a half smile and a silent laugh.

God is not laughing. He is heartbroken. He just wants us to heed his voice, to return to him and realize we DO still need him. He wants to lead us down a safe path as only he can. He truly is a God of love, justice, mercy and hope. No new president or old president can lead us like he can. No one but God can give us hope in these uncertain times. He is the God of hope and he loves us. He loved us enough to send his son Jesus to die on a cross for our sins and then to bring him back to life in victory. He loved us enough to give us his Word as a guide, so that we will never have to wonder what the godly choice is if we just take the time to look. He loves us enough STILL to keep his hand outstretched and to chide us gently and yet directly when we need it. We need it now.

So tomorrow, go out and vote for the next president of the United States, but no matter what the outcome is, remember that our hope is in the Lord. No matter what road our collective nation may travel down, we each have the choice to kick off our over-sized high heels, throw down our floppy hats, turn our eyes to the One whose eyes are ever watching us, take His hand and say with assuredness, “On second thought, I do need your help, Daddy, and while you’re at it can you help me find some shoes that are just my size?” After all, none of us are doing ourselves any favors by continuing to be anything other than exactly what God has created us to be… children with children sized feet, who ever have been and ever will be in need of a loving Father to lead us home.


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