One Simple Paragraph

Sometimes when I have nothing profound to say, or simply no energy to produce a heart felt, thought provoking piece of writing that challenges and encourages its readers, I still find myself with restless fingers that long to tap, tap, tap on my computer keyboard. No lesson is begging to be revealed. No wisdom is longing to be shared. No moral is waiting to be uncovered. Simple words are tumbling around inside my brain, screaming to be set free, needing to be let out and released unto a blank page. Big, bright, bold, beautiful words itch to make their mark on the world where a mark has never been. Adjectives and adverbs yearn to paint pictures where a spotless canvas once took up space. Subjects and predicates wait eagerly to be strung together and put on display like a popcorn garland wrapped lovingly around a Christmas tree. old Cliches and new phrases, thirst for a place to be joined as one and appreciated by fresh eyes and open minds. And so I’ve emancipated the words that have been trapped inside my brain. I set them running on clumsy fingers to the screen in front of me that lights up the darkened room where I now sit. Behold… they are free! They have found their place of refuge! They have done what they came to do! They have finished what they set out to accomplish… just this. All their hopes and dreams were fulfilled in one simple paragraph!


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